About Abliexpo

Exhibitions have been integral part of B2B promotions in all the industry sectors. However, due to the geographical and financial constraints, many SMEs and MSMEs are deprived of participating in exhibitions. On the other hand, due to many other factors, attending an exhibition personally has become time consuming and costly affair. The result of which is clearly seen as reduced foot-fall in many prominent exhibitions. Hence, we created a platform which will keep the effectiveness of Exhibitions intact and amplify their benefits using technology.

We are on a mission to help
connect people & businesses
with the best technology out there!

Our vision is to provide economical and efficient method of exhibition to the SMEs and MSMEs. Therefore, we have developed an online exhibition platform which can host multi-sector exhibitions, niche sector exhibitions, geographical specialty exhibitions and many exhibitions online.

The Dedicated Team

Mr. Sanjay Landge

Managing Director

Mr. Arun Monga


Mr. Govinda Sadamate

Executive Director

Ms. Rutuja Landge

Director Finance

Dr. Bharat Kotecha

Chief Mentor

Mr. Pradeep Peshkar


Mr. Varun Deshmukh

Technology Head

Mr. Abhijeet Gunjal

VP Marketing

Channel Partners

Mr. Sanjay Nikam

Partner, International Relations

Mr. Devasish

Country Channel Partner (USA)

Mr. Sarang Mandke

Country Channel Partner (Singapore)

Mr. Varun

Country Channel Partner (Dubai)

Mr. Sanjay Khandagle

Country Partner (Bahrain)

Mr. Olu Elerewe

Country Partner (Nigeria)

Mr. Komlan Santos

Country Partner (Geneva)

Mr. Shabbir Talab

Country Partner (Mumbasa)

Mr. Samuel Adabla

Country Partner (Ghana)

Mr. Lyndon Johnson

Country Partner (Sierra Leone)

Mr. Pattrik Adepoju

Country Partner (Sierra Leone)

Mr. Ivan Muwanguzi

Country Partner (Uganda)

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